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Toggle navigation. Updated 2 months 4 weeks ago. Web Server Information. Hosted IP Address Page Resources Breakdown. Homepage Links Analysis. Page Title of gossamergear. Meta Description of gossamergear. Providing you the best in lightweight outdoor and minimalist gear. Website Inpage Analysis.Many years ago I tried and had no success in making a three piece GG trekking pole they sent me a bunch of hardware and poles and extra parts and such and they had tried for a few years prior to that, so it is really nice to see that Gossamer Gear has worked out the manufacturing process to make a 3-piece trekking pole.

So the new LT5 poles are a full 28 cm Pole with strap and basket — 5. This is super great news. Soooo many hikers myself included that I know stopped using the LT4 trekking poles due to frustration from the locking system on the LT4 poles. While maybe not the uber awesomeness of a Flip-lock locking system, at least by going to an external twist locking system, Gossamer Gear is hopefully going to have a bazillion times better locking system than the internal twist locking system that has been using for the last decade or two.

All these I mentioned here come at the same weight almost — less than gram for a pairI love Fizan poles more. Today there are more and more cheaper and still very good poles. I think the cork grips of GG poles are better, hence there are folks who ordered just the grips and glued them to their poles.

I think there are a great many long distance hikers that have grown frustrated over the years of the GG internal locking mechanisms, so the really great thing in all of this is to see GG finally make the move to an external locking mechanism. And, as you mentioned, there has been a growing market for light weight poles in the last few years, but there is still a massive and very loyal group of hikers that like the Gossamer Gear trekking poles, and for good reasons!

John, have you checked out Helinox poles? I have used these for a few years now. I have tried carbon, but not as strong. I do not think that I have heard of them. The single zpacks staff has been about the only thing I have used since mid I have only been thinking about getting a GG LT3C just so I can have something for easy little trips or when I just want something small.

All in all it looks pretty carefully thought out. Given the weather and season here they will probably see plenty of water, mud, and snow. Alpkit carbonlite looks very similar.Gossamer Gear is a small, passionate company whose mission is to improve your experience with backpacking with the best ultralight products.

They take pride in creating some of the most innovative gear on the market while teaching and advocating for lightweight backpacking. They live to create and produce products that will further enhance your enjoyment on the trail by lightening your load. Take less.

Gossamer Gear - take less. do more.

Do more. Shipping country. Select shipping country. Canary Islands. Faroe Islands. Isle of Man. United Kingdom. VAT incl. VAT excl. Log in. Gossamer Gear. Gossamer Gear Hats. Gossamer gear Hat. Gossamer gear SitLight camp seat.

Gossamer Gear The Two – Gear Review

Gossamer gear Hipster. Gossamer gear hipbelt for Gorilla and Mariposa backpacks. Gossamer gear Crotch pot. Gossamer gear Fast belt.

Gossamer Gear Gorilla Ultralight

Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60L. Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40 Ultralight Backpack. Warm Sak pot cozy - Gossamer gear. Gossamer Gear G Ultralight 42L backpack.

Gossamer gear The one. Read more. Gossamer Gear Twinn tarp. Gossamer Gear Polycro groundsheet. Gossamer gear Shoulder Strap Pockets. Gossamer gear Minimalist 24 Daypack. Gossamer Gear Kumo Doug Mamayek November 23, This shelter is outstanding! I could not be more happy with it. Well, I could, but I'll get into that later. It is ultralight, provides full bug protection and wonderful weather resistance.

The bathtub floor is big enough for my regular sized NeoAir mattress, and leaves plenty of room to my left for a book, my lightweight radio, and my crocs. The stitching is extremely high quality, and it was VERY easy to seam seal.

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The "no-see-um" mesh is of great quality and it will clearly stand up to quite a bit of abuse. I was initially nervous about the spinnaker fabric being able to tolerate my ham-fisted nature, but after a dozen or so pitches and a couple actual bag nights, it is standing up very well.

This tent takes a couple tries to get pitched right, but once you get it, it's like riding a bike! These gripes are not major, however, and I am very comfortable rating this shelter somewhere between 4 and 4. Design : three season, non-freestanding Sleeps : 1 Ease of Setup : From 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest. Weight : The One tent from Gossamer Gear met all of my expectations for a solo tent.

I found it to be easy to set up, comfortable to be in, and lightweight. It has all the headroom and storage space I need, and I liked the open views and ventilation from the front. It has to be at or under three pounds preferably under two pounds. I jumped at the chance to test a Gossamer Gear The One tent as it appeared to meet my preferences. However, the proof is in field testing. The One is a non-freestanding tent that uses two trekking poles to provide structure and comes with 14 tent stakes though it requires just six stakes at a minimum.

The waterproof tent is made with silnylon fabric coated with polyurethane and has factory-sealed seams. The tent has a bathtub design, meaning that the bottom is made of thicker silnylon and that piece rises up a few inches from the ground to prevent water from seeping into the tent see specs and materials below.

There are plenty of extra loops for additional guy lines to keep the tent secure in high winds.

gossamer gear

There is an internal mesh pocket and clothes line along the ceiling. The Two looks similar but is wide enough to accommodate two people and has two doors. I set up the tent a couple of times in my backyard. The first time I set up a new tent, I try to do it without looking at the directions to see how intuitive it is. Then I do another round with the directions because I can almost always pick up some tips from the experts.

In addition, my Gossamer Gear rep gave me a handy tip that I followed: once I got my Gossamer Gear LT trekking poles to the correct length cm for setting up the tent, I scored the metal so I could quickly twist them into place. It was pretty easy to lay out the tent and figure out the general shape.If you're thinking about buying this product please use the links below — that really helps us.

Thank you. The ultralight world is, by nature, a place where you cut items out. Luxuries and comforts and even functionality all get sacrificed to the great base weight god.

Enter the Gossamer Gear Mariposa The Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 retains all these features while remaining ultralight, hovering around a scant 2 pounds empty depending on the size you need.

Well, that and the price, which is middle of the road despite high quality materials, incredible craftsmanship, and legendary customer service. The Gossamer Gear Mariposa is a 60 liter ultralight backpack, built for thru-hiking with loads under 25 pounds.

The Mariposa is an excellent crossover pack for those new to ultralight because it has ample space for your bulky items like a tentand the storage system is excellent.

With a main chute pocket, exterior pocket, a water bottle pocket and long exterior sleeve pocket, plus the main storage, you can find a place for everything. While durability and comfort are trade-offs in this ultralight backpack, the Mariposa is a standout in the ultralight backpack field. Read more about the nature of backpacks in our comprehensive guideand read our review below to see why Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 stands out in the ultralight crowd.

For me, the best part of going ultralight is that first hoist onto your back. In order to test the unisex feature of this pack the Mariposa fits men and women I took it to the desert with my partner. The Sepse was hot, dry, and stunning in the way a desert stuck in the middle of a years-long drought must be.

Over the long, rolling miles the Mariposa hugged my back. It soaked up ample sweat, kept the load on my hips, and was adjustable to dial in the perfect carry. The first comes from my partner who, after two miles into our trek, asked if we get to keep the backpack.

We do not. She was dismayed, to say the least. The Mariposa has this incredibly attractive combination of elements that make it simple and desirable. This was obvious to her after couple miles. Pulling a water bottle from the side while hiking is easy, as is grabbing energy bars and an oversized smartphone from the hip belt pockets.

Adjusting the pack at the waist, the load lifters, and sternum strap were all done in a cinch, too. It looks and feels great to the point that, once you hike with it, you want one.It has a spacious interior that's a palace for one, with excellent ventilation to help prevent internal condensation. The One is basically an A-frame style tarp-tent with front vestibule and rear awning attached.

The front vestibule is quite large with a zippered center opening which can be closed shut in inclement weather or partially or completely rolled back for views and ventilation.

The wall facing the front vestibule is solid mesh, with an offset zipper so you can get in and out easily without knocking over the trekking pole. The rear vestibule is more of an awning than a full vestibule, designed to cover a large rear mesh vent that extends down from the ceiling.

gossamer gear

The back wall below the vent is solid fabric and there is no access through it. There are also two vents in the bathtub floor at the head and foot ends of the tents positioned where people tend to vent the most moisture at night, by exhaling it or through perspiration. Setting up The One in good weather is quite straightforward. Simply find a fairly flat pitch and, stake out one side of the green canopy keeping the guylines very loose with lots of slack.

Stake out the other side of the canopy the same way, insert the poles and stake them down. Walk around the tent and tighten the guylines until you get a taut pitch. If you want you can also insert your pole tips into grommets along the long side of the bathtub floor and attach the poles to tie-outs along the side walls to help open up the interior space.

gossamer gear

There are a lot of variations on this basic recipe that will work. In bad weather, you can adjust the amount of air blowing under the front vestibule by lowering the pole height and pulling the front vestibule canopy guylines as close to the ground as possible.

Gossamer Gear also provides you with additional guyline and attachment points on the tent so you can further secure the tent to the ground.

However, given the size of this tent and its wind profile, your best bet is to stay out of heavy wind and find a more sheltered tent site. The interior of The One is spacious and well-appointed. A clothesline runs along the ceiling where you can dry your socks at night along with a hook so you can hang a light. But the clincher is the amount of space in the interior of the tent. The only livability issue with The One is the translucency of the canopy fabric.

While it is opaque enough to block anyone from seeing through the tent, the canopy lets a lot of light into the interior. This can be good or bad, depending on your to light sensitivity.

gossamer gear

If you like to wake up at first light and get an early start, the translucent fabric will be a win. But if moonlight lighting up the inside of your tent bothers you, you may be less thrilled. Weighing just With abundant floor space and covered storage, The One is long enough to fit tall backpackers as well as those who want more headroom and floor width.

But like most ultralight tents, good campsite selection skills are important to minimize floor abrasion and wind exposure. As mentioned by some Sierra hikers, one may have to camp places without soil, using only deadmen to hold the corners. Some shelters with a lot of stakes are more fidgety and some less so. Some people enjoy fiddling with tents and hammocks, some of us have other things to do.

To each your own. Paper thin fabrics have a limited life span. For a few ounces more you can have a shelter that can last twice as long or more.

I concur. There are two categories of backpackers.Note the translucent material of the pack fabric. The current Murmur is a little smaller than the previous version, and a bit lighter than the Kumo.

The previous version of the Murmur was essentially identical to the Kumo, but with lighter materials. The new Murmur is a completely different design, starting with a lighter material.

The Murmur, half full and being used as a day pack in the White Mountains. Features that are new in the Murmur or similar to older versions include a roll-top closure system, shoulder straps that have no padding, trekking pole carrying loops, and a removable hip belt with very nice integrated pockets.

The hip belt, though well designed, is something I removed right away, since I never use hip belts on ultralight packs. The sit-light pad included with the Murmur is a lighter version than that of other GG packs.

Also, note the thin mesh shoulder straps. While they are somewhat less comfortable than the padded straps when carrying a full pack, the point of the Murmur is to be the pack for experienced ultralight hikers. The up-side to the unpadded straps is also that they are fully mesh, which allows the shoulders to breathe more. I use wider water bottles, and have to squeeze a little harder to get them into the pockets. Maybe lots of puffy insulation.

Weight: Pack without sit-pad, hip belt, or sternum strap: 8. Disclosure: Gossamer Gear provided me with a pack through their Trail Ambassadors program at my request. Posted in: Gear Reviews. Tagged: backpackgossamer gearmurmurultralight. The Murmur at home for the night under my tarp.

Hikers all over the country agree, these are essential equipment for modern through-hiking. Search for:.


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